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Ways To Receive Inner Guidance

Intuitive Message Avenues


Ways To Receive Inner Guidance

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Intuitive messages are sent to individuals through a variety of avenues. Sometimes these messages are so subtle that we are only aware of them subconsciously. Other times messages come via enormous blinking neon signs that cannot be ignored. Spirit will work with whatever tools are available to them in order to get important messages delivered to you.

Signs - Watch any signs that get your attention. No message is insignificant. They don't have to be as big as billboards for you to sit up and take notice. They can be as small as a number that pops out from the phone book as one you must dial. A roadside sign banning U-turns could be metaphorically signaling to you that you are on the right path and should continue advancing forward.

Media Tools
  • Radio/TV - Words to songs will often have special meanings during sensitive periods during our lifetime. Have you ever turned on the radio or television when the perfect melody is playing to lift your spirits? You felt like the artist was singing directly to you. Well, that just might be true. Spirit is using the singer as a vessel to offer you a message through song.

  • Telephone - A while back I shared an example in the Reiki forum how the telephone was used for a communication during a Reiki session with a client.

  • Internet -Informational text can make its way through to you via Web sites, community chatrooms, and forums.

  • Books / Magazines - The book with information you need drops right into your lap sometimes when you are least expecting it. The magazine you flip through in the doctor's office waiting room leads you to an article that nourishes your soul.
Mail / Email - Let's not omit the pony express as a way of having our intuitive messages delivered! With the onslaught of spam and junk mail filling up our mail boxes it would be easy to overlook a message, but they can sneak in from time to time. I am often sent information regarding the very topic I have a feature in the works to finish. It sure saves me time researching for this information when it comes to me on its own.

Dreams - Dreams are one of the easiest ways for information to get through to us. It takes a little bit of work on our part to be able to decipher dream meanings which is why it is helpful for us to learn ways we can better remember our dreams. Keeping dream journals can help.

Spontaneous Channeling - Have you ever experienced a moment during a conversation when someone seemingly out of the blue makes a profound statement? Spontaneous channeling can come from the mouths of almost anyone you come into contact with throughout the day, the homeless man on the street, the bank teller, your mother-in-law, etc.
    Example: - Perhaps the best advice your Aunt Mildred ever gave you was on a rainy Saturday afternoon while you were eating ice cream at her kitchen table. Her chatter normally consists of gossiping about the neighbors so your ears would naturally tune her out. But in a rare moment she turned away from you and looked out the window. She looked to the skies as you notice that the tone of her voice lowers slightly. It is as if an angel is speaking of the rain drops clinging to her rose bushes followed by a few poetic words that tumble from her lips that have a special meaning just for you. In the next moment she notices she has spilled chocolate syrup on her blouse and hurriedly scurries out of the room. And you just sat there stunned because of what you just heard, wondering if you imagined it. If you were to have asked her about it later on, most likely, she wouldn't remember it. Spirit made use of an opportunity to deliver a message to you with the help of your auntie's vocals.
Mediums/Psychics - Turning to professional intuitive counselors for help is another way to get messages. I think it is best to tune into your own abilities in getting intuitive information but sometimes it can be appropriate to turn to someone else when your own inner-knowings feel blocked or in confusion. Please be advised that no person is 100 percent accurate in giving readings. Although these individuals may be well trained and are well practiced in their trade, information just doesn't ordinarily come through perfectly clear. Sort through any information received only accepting what feels right, allowing your gut instincts to lead you.

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