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Famous Channelers

Who are the better known channelers, psychics, trance mediums, and spiritualists?
  1. Channeling Pioneers (11)
  2. Edgar Cayce

Alice A. Bailey
Technically, she was an amanuensis for her Tibetan teacher dictating eighteen books of esoteric philosophy.

Benjamin Creme
He writes and travels the world introducing Maitreya, a new world teacher and good will advocate.

Annie Kirkwood
A conveyer of messages from Mother Mary. One is release your anger and fear in order to express unconditional love.

JZ Knight
Through her we met Ramtha, a wise being from 35,000 years ago. Now Ramptha has a school for enlightenment.

Elizabeth Clare Prophet
Writing books, she has served as a channel for many ascended masters from the Spiritual Hierarchy of this planet.

Helena Roerich
Helena Roerich is the author of the incredible Agni Yoga books given to her telepathically in Russian by spiritual masters.

Kevin Ryerson
Shirley MacLaine's described him in her books. He is still conducting retreats and tours to sacred places.

We learned of our Star-Borne natures with Invoking Your Celestial Guardians. She facilitates large scale events.

Helen Schucman
Her name is not familiar but The Course in Miracles is known far and wide. She stepped out of the limelight.

Neale Donald Walsch
Transcribing his Conversations with God, he challenged most religious outlooks. He and his wife offer workshops.

James Van Praagh
He wrote Talking to Heaven, which helps people deal with death. His televsision talk show called BEYOND aired 2002 through September 2003. Currently he is the co-producer of the show The Ghost Whisperer.

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