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Channeled Entities - Communications From Another Plane of Existance

Who are these personalites from beyond who are willing to share their wisdom and insights?

Kuan Yin
Chinese Goddess of Compassion

Seances are gatherings of people for the purpose of spiritual communication.

Abraham is actually a group of nonphysical teachers who channel their message through Esther Hicks.

This particular spirit has made three addresses to the United Nations. He is channeled by Lee Carroll.

An entity channeled through Jach Pursel. Since 1974 Lazaris has been communicating practical metaphysics.

This source may be more than a spirit. His channel states that Maitreya is the physical reappearance of the Christ.

A group entity channeled through various mediums who respect of our shared human dilemma.

An entity channeled through Jane Roberts whose teachings revolve around the concept of conscious creation.

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