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Working with Chakras

How do you learn to balance chakras? The answer is by sensing or scanning the energies of the chakras, and then by modulating them.

Energetic Chakra Scan
Assessing the Chakra System - An energetic scanning technique used in exploring and evaluating imbalances within the chakra system is explained in response to reader questions regarding viewing chakras and chakra colors.

Overview of the Chakra System
Overview of the Chakra System by Gurmukh

Chakra Test
Are Your Chakras Open and Functioning? Here is an interactive quiz that involves answering 56 questions about yourself and your relationships with others. Your responses are calculated mathematically to evaluate how your chakras are functioning.

Aura and Chakra Healing
From Steve Barrett - Creator of "Chicos Energy Field Healing." Guidelines for viewing, charging and clearing auras, also viewing chakra colors....more!

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