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Chakra Jewelry and Other Artworks


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Artists interpret the chakra energy system in jewelery, clothing, paintings, home decor, and more.

Chakra Pendulum

image courtesy of Llwellyn Worldwide
Bring balance to your intuitive inquiries using this colorful chakra pendulum. Choose from an amethyst, rose quartz, or clear quart bob for your pendulum when ordering - How to Use a Pendulum

Crocheted Chakra Blanket

image courtesy of Aradia Goseling
Artisan and handcrafter Aradia Goseling is offering this multi-colored chakra blanket. The colors represent each of the seven primary chakras. Looks like this could be a cozy choice for the meditation corner in your home.

Chakra Pendants

Courtesy of Pricegrabber
Choose from an assortment of sterling pendants adorned with seven stones representing the primary chakras. Chakras vitalize the physical body and bring about the development of our self-consciousness.
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Chakra Bracelets

A variety of natural stone crafted bracelets are available at Aradia's Hand starting at $15. This online store is hosted by the free social market outlet, Storenvy. You also can do a search for chakra jewelry at Storenvy and discover more delights.

Chakra Rings

image courtesy of Pricegrabber
Remember how your teacher pinned a note to your shirt pocket to make sure your mama got her message? How about tying a string around your little finger as visual to jog your memory. Wrapping the chakras around your finger will serve as a reminder to keep your chakras healthy and balanced.
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Chakra Sports Watch

image courtesy of Gaiam, Inc.
Chakra symbols adorn the face of this sports watch. Chose from seven styles according to chakra symbol and color. Comes with an organic cotton strap.

Chakra Earrings

Om Chakra Earrings image courtesy of Pricegrabber
My baby sister is what I would call a "bracelet horse" because she likes her wrist adorned with bangles and jangles. But earrings are my favored jewelry of choice. Oh, I own many rings, pendants, and bracelets too. But, I will rarely leave the house without earrings on. Come to think of it although I have many gemstone earrings, I don't own specifically chakra earrings with seven chakra stones... guess I'll go shopping right now.
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Chakra T-Shirts

image courtesy of Pricegrabber
You've heard about people who wear their emotions on their sleeves, right? Well in this case, you can wear your chakras on your shirt. Ha! Great wardrobe choice for energy healers who work with balancing misaligned chakras.
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Magickal Chakra Jewelry

13 Moons
13 Moons is an online market featuring Wiccan, VooDoo, and occult products. It offers everything imaginal that is Magickal. I've order a few items from them and have found their stones and crystals to be of high quality.

Chakra Art Posters

screen shot courtesy of chakracises.com
Art.com offers a dozen or more art posters and charts featuring the chakras. Some of them are meant to be educational, whereas others are designed for beauty.

Chakra Banners

(c)Terre Satterthwaite
Terre Saterthwaite's batiked banners showcase the traditional lotus flower symbols which represent the seven primary chakras.
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