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Chakra Zen Incantations

Breath Awareness Technique


Ten Zen Seconds

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The Chakra Zen Incantations listed here were created based on the breath-awareness teachings from Eric Maisel's book entitled Ten Zen Seconds: Twelve Incantations for Purpose, Power, and Calm.

To help balance your light body and align your chakra energy system repeat each of the incantations listed below. Speak the first part of the phrase outloud as you inhale. Speak the second part of the phrase as you exhale. Repeat each of the twelve incantation ten times. When you are finished you will feel centered and balanced

(Inhale deeply 5 seconds)(Exhale slowly 5 seconds)

  • (My energy)(is free of blockages)
  • (My root chakra)(is deeply grounded)
  • (My sacral chakra juices)(are creative and bold)
  • (My solar plexus)(feels mellow and calm)
  • (My heart)(is filled with love)
  • (My throat)(speaks the truth)
  • (My third eye)(intuits inner knowledge)
  • (My crown chakra)(projects inspiration)
  • (My chakras)(are spinning in alignment)
  • (My aura)(is colorful and clutter-free)
  • (My lightbody)(beams brightly)
  • (I am)(centered and balanced)
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Collection of Meditations and Visualization Exercises

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