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Third Eye Chakra


Third Eye Chakra Affirmation: My third eye intuits inner knowledge.
third eye chakra

Ajna, third eye chakra

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Sanskrit Name: Ajna
Location: Brow
Color: Indigo

The third eye chakra is also called "brow chakra." Our mental calculations and thinking processes are functions of the third eye chakra. We are able to evaluate our past experiences and life patterns and put them into perspective through the wisdom of the third chakra's actions. Our ability to separate reality from fantasy or delusion is connected to the healthfulness of this chakra. It is through a receptive brow chakra that auric hues and other visual images are intuited clairvoyantly.
~Exploring the Major Chakras

he sixth chakra is classically located at the point between the eyebrows, which yogis refer to as the "third eye point," and contains intuition. This is where we find our sense of physical vision, and our extrasensory talent of vision as well.
~General Overview of the Chakra System

The sixth chakra is that of the brow, third eye, or place of "shamanic seeing." Located between and slightly above the eyebrows, it is indigo in color. This energy center is closely associated with imagination, inner vision, and psychic abilities. It is related to the pituitary gland. It functions as a link between the inner world and the outer world. Malfunctions of the brow chakra commonly manifest as headaches and eye tension. Resonating this chakra remedies any problems in function and opens the door to a reality separate from the ordinary world.
~Drumbeat of the Rainbow Fire

Clairvoyance is the gift of second sight. Clairvoyance is a visual form of ESP (extrasensory perception) involving perceiving or intuiting information by way of seeing auras, colors, images, or symbols via third eye sensory.
~Holistic Healing Glossary

Visualize Youself Well

Visualization for healing is a simple process.
  • Think of or speak your intention out loud.
  • Close your eyes and imagine yourself in the healing process or as you want to be.
  • Watch as your body heals you
  • Feel the healing taking place
  • Know the healing is being accomplished
~ The Healing Power of the Mind and Visualization
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