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Holistic Ways to Care for Cats

Your Feline Friends Deserve the Very Best Care You Can Offer Them


Living a holistic lifestyle extends to all members of your household, including your pet companions. Listed here are resources to help you make sure your feline friend is well cared for.

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Preventative Care

Vet Examining Kitten
GK Hart/Vikki Hart / Getty Images

Please don't neglect using preventative measures for the well-being of your cat. Routine visits to the veterinarian are recommended to maintain optimum health.

When Your Cat is Hurting

Man Holding Tabby Cat
Johner Images

In addition to preventative care and mainstream veterinarian care there are also alternative healing methods that you can try for addressing any physical and emotional imbalances. 

Bites, Scratches, and Hissing

Cat Claws
© Martin Cathrae, Flickr Creative Commons

Claws are your cat's natural defenses against potential harm. If you are concerned about your cat destroying your furniture, there are kinder prohibitive measures to take than mutilating the poor kitty.

Love and Loss

Lost Kitten
dancesincreek / morguefile

Advice for finding a lost cat and dealing with the grief after the passing of a dear feline friend.

Cats and Superstition

Bombay Black Cat

Are black cats crossing your path really bad luck? I owned a black cat named Onyx. She was a good mama cat to four kittens and was an excellent hunter of birds and mice. She disappeared mysteriously one night and never came back home, that was unlucky I suppose.  

Instinctual Healers

(c) Phylameana lila Desy

 Cats are instinctual. If you have a cat in your family it is like having a resident healer on call 24/7. These loving compassionate animals will stay by your side whenever you are hurting. 

Spirituality and Your Cat

It is interesting to compare the characteristics of the domesticated cat to the bigs cats living in the wild. Cat personalities and behaviors are very much aligned with nature and spirituality.


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