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Buteyko Breathing

Shallow breathing exercises that can be used to help reduce and control asthmatic symptoms.

What Are Buteyko Breathing Exercises?
Controlled breathing technique for treatment of asthmatics.

Buteyko Breathing - Metta.org.uk
Offered here are the basic principles behind the Buteyko Breathing Method and what you can expect when using this treatment.

Buteyko Breathing Association
Based in the UK, The Buteyko Breathing Association, is a non-profit making organisation committed to improving the health of asthmatics and those with other breathing related problems.

Asthma and Anxiety-Symptom Relief
Aside from asthma relief, benefits from Buteyko Breathing are also noted for stress related symptoms such as anxiety and tension.

History of Konstantin Pavlovich Buteyko
Details on the history on Buteyko Breathing treatment and its Russian founder, Konstantin Pavlovich Buteyko.

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