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Proper breathing enhances many healing modalities including Tai Chi, Reiki, massage, meditation, and yoga.
  1. Basic Element: Air
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  4. Yoga and Breathing

How to Breathe Through the Soles of Your Feet
Breathing through your feet will help connect you to earth's energies. Try it!

Breath Awareness
Repeat this breathing chant until you feel yourself come back into a more balanced and centered place.

Breathing Tips - Naturally Healing Breathing Tips
Readers share tips on how to breathe properly to attain and maintain optimal health and wellbeing.

After each deep cleansing breath I release negative thoughts and sadness. With each following upbreath I accept positive thoughts and happiness to fill the totality of my body and spirit.

Breathing Affirmation
After each deep cleansing breath I release negativite thoughts and sadness...

Ancient Wisdom of the Breath
There are mysterious powers associated with the breath that remain mostly unheard of in western civilization.

Conscious Deep Breathing
Conscious Deep Breathing is one of the most simple ways to calm and integrate the mind and body. The body is always breathing. You are always breathing.

Are You Holding Your Breath? Don't Do It!
How did breathing become a conscious act rather than a natural instinct?

Cooling Breath - Shitali Pranayama
This breath cools the body so it is best done in hot weather or at the end of a vigorous yoga session.

How to Breathe With Your Belly
Relaxation Breathing Step-By-Step from Cathy Wnng - Learn this easy relaxation breathing technique, which can help manage stress, boost energy, and improve sleep.

Breathwalk for Energy and Stress Relief
About Guide to Walking, Wendy Bumgardner, writes "...breathing is important for walking and learning breathing techniques can enhance walking or even turn it into a more energizing, more stress-relieving, and even spiritual experience."

How to Exercise Breath Control or Pranayama
From Your About Hinduism Guide - Pranayama is a simple exercise that controls the involuntary continuous action of inhaling and exhaling by arresting and regulating the process of breathing.

Authentic Breathing
Articles on breath, Gurdjieff, Taoism, breathing exercises and meditations, breath-related health tips and FAQs.

Breath Exercise
This website shows how to do a gentle, traditional, relaxing breathing exercise in seven different languages.

Holotropic Breathwork
'Holotropic' literally means 'moving towards wholeness'

Just Breathe.
Breath-holders unite! Let's take a deep breath together.

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