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What is a blog anyway? A blog is an online journal where a user gives comments and points readers to interesting links.
  1. Blog Carnivals

Carnival of Healing
Weekly round-up of personal Web sites and blogs on the topic of healing.

Carnival of Healing
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on a mission from Goddess
Reiki/Goddess focused blog.

Meandering Paths to Spirituality and Wellness
Rosanna C. Rogacion blogs about empowerment, Reiki, trauma resolution and other healing topics.

The Reiki Digest
Roundup of Reiki news from around the world.

The Conscious Life
conscious mind, healing body, boundless spirit

Wild Reiki and Shamanic Healing
Behind the scenes of an energy healing practice for animals and people

Grace in Gravity
step into your power - walk with ease ion the earth. Blogger: Gina Loree' Marks

Aromatherapy At Home
Aromatherapy information and a comprehensive range of aromatherapy techniques.

Therapeutic Reiki
Blogger: Astrid Lee, Founder of WE ARE ONE World Healing Initiative

Spiral Visions
This is a personal blog owned and maintained by me, Phylameana lila Désy, your About.com Holistic Healing Guide.

Becoming a Woman of Purpose
Tips, tools, techniques for women who want to live life with more passion, more purpose, and more peace.

Just About Everything
Just like the title implies, Ranjana writes about just about everything under the sun. He says "Writing provides me a release from everyday stress.."

Interesting Observations
Perspectives on ways to improve our everyday behaviors and life skills that may help us in leading happier and more productive lives.

Organic Creativity...

Beyond Karma
Awakening, Awareness, Release, Meditation, Yoga, and Zen

Natural Wisdom
Exploring mindfulness and psychology.

La Vida Fresca
Life with a raw-fed dog! Blogger Margaret Nee is an advocate for the natural care and feeding of dogs.

Reiki Help Blog
Blogger, Pamir Kiciman says "My approach to Reiki is that it’s a path to enlightenment, with healing being a natural function."

Sealed with Love

The Magenpie
Each day had a tranquility, a timelessness, about it so that you wished it would never end.

Lessons from a Recovering Doormat
Daylle Deanna Schwartz offers tips, tools, and perspective for being more empowered.

Powerfull Living
Resources, articles, and ideas to assist you in your personal and business development as well as to spiritually inspire you.

Chair Tai Chi
Seated exercises for healing and strengthening.

Chinese Medicine Notes
About Everything that is Chinese Medicine

change therapy
Psychological research and other things academic & therapy & peace. Blogger: Isabella Mori

Debra Moorhead . com
Motivation, Education, Inspiration /// Empowerment for Those Who are Ready

Five Minds
An acupuncturist Reflects on Acupuncture, Cooking, and Collaboration

Intensive Care for the Nurturer's Soul
Coaching programs, workshops, and other resources for women nurturers.

Deepest Health
Explorations in Classical Chinese Medicine

Wellness Through Wisdom
Ideas For Creating Holistic Health & Happiness

Wisdom of Healing
Herbal and Wellness Education

Collection of insights, advice, exercises, and tools that you can use to improve, or even transform your life.

Physical movements and mental visualizations that are intended to activate the chakras (your body’s energy centers).

Reiki 4 Life
Meredith, a newly newly certified Usui Reiki Master says this about her blog focus. "This blog is just following the learning curve and things I experience on this journey of growth."

Evolving Times
Tools for Personal Evolution - Blogger Edward Mills

Life Without Memories
Support for Alzheimer Patient Caregivers

Crossroads Dispatches
Blogger, Evelyn Rodriguez (once dubbed the BLOGGER-THAT-SURVIVED-THE-TSUNAMI) doesn't feel a bio can grasp the essence of a multidenisional being. I think you'll enjoy her passionate voice.

Psychological Perspectives
Current issues and articles that impact the human psyche are presented by Dr. Deborah Serani.

Parapsychology Blog
Parapsychology, mind and body, life force energy and healing

Brendan McPhillips
Meaning of Life and other Spiritual Stuff.

The Power of Choice
What is the power of choice I hear you ask? It's the greatest innate power that we all possess. Find out how to let it out for some fresh air...

Deepak Chopra's Internet Blog - "intent is the emerging asian consciousness giving birth to a global mind shift"

The Path of No Path
Poem and commetaries from William York.

Ascension Spiritual Blog
Spiritual blog of life, love and spirituality on the ascension gateway portal of religion and new age spirituality.

Yogalila is a a group of yoginis ranging in age from 26 to 60 and spanning the globe from Israel to North America to Hawaii. The yogalila blog is a compendium of their yoga wisdom and experiences.

Healing Blogs Around About
Archives to holistic healing related About.com blogs.

Quick Glance - Fresh Links
Ten Freshest Links to these Healing Related Guide Sites: Alternative Medicine, Exercise, Herbs for Health, Holistic Healing, Nutrition, Pagan/Wiccan Religion and Vegetarian Cuisine

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