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Yoga Basics

Yoga is a Sanskrit word meaning union or joining. In reality it's a very general term that encompasses many different disciplines, from the purely physical to the purely spiritual - and everything in between. But yoga needn't be confusing or complicated - in fact, its very essence is simplicity. If you're new to yoga, or just want to enhance your basic knowledge, let these links be your guide.

What is Yoga?
Answers to the question "what is yoga?" Ann Pizer, About Guide to Yoga offers a basic definition of what yoga is for the beginner.

Yoga - Quick Tips
Subhamoy Das, About.com's Hinduism Guide, offers suggestions on how to get the best out of your Yoga routine.

Yoga: The Big Picture
Hatha Yoga is only a small part of what yoga is. Here is a page that touches on yoga's origins, and lists some of the more popular yoga styles.

Your Yoga Plan
Are you a student? Housewife? Working or pregnant (or both?). Here's a pull-down menu that will instantly give you a set of yoga postures that are geared towards your lifestyle and fitness level (obviously not a replacement for a real class...but fun nevertheless!).

Why Yoga?
An excellent article describing the primary reasons why people do yoga now, as they have for thousands of years.

The Yoga System
A clear presentation of Yoga. It stresses the importance of asanas,  pranayama, and concentration, combined.

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