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Linda Goodman's Star Cards

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Linda Goodman's Star Cards

Linda Goodman's Star Cards

The Bottom Line

This insightful deck of cards is a delight to use for self-discovery and help in choosing life direction!
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  • Beautiful artwork
  • Based on Linda Goodman's Life work


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  • SubTitle: A Divination Set Inspired by the Astrological and Numerological Teachings of Linda Goodman
  • Compiled and written by Crystal Bush
  • Illustrated by Frank Riccio
  • Publisher: Hampton Roads Pub Co Inc
  • ISBN: 1571741852

Guide Review - Linda Goodman's Star Cards

This beautiful card/hardback set fell into my hands around New Year's Day 2001. I collect tarot cards and divination sets, so I was immediately pleased. Beyond my initial delight as I opened the boxed set I found the colorful artwork and attractive style of the cards very appealing. Also, the fact that this set was created based on Linda Goodman's teaching was further titillation for me.

I'm also a sucker for divination card sets that include a hard bound book. A book makes a set much nicer than those that only offer a flimsy paper pamphlet of instructions. The book that comes with this card set offers a variety card layouts, spread interpretations and full page photos of each card in the deck.

Naturally, I immediately took a few moments to do a reading for myself. I discovered working/playing with this Star Cards deck to be enjoyable and insightful!

About Linda Goodman - (1925-1995) World famous astrologer and author. She is best known as a pioneer who opened many eyes to sun sign astrology. Her wisdom was illuminated by her writing style. Goodman wrote in a simpler, yet powerful, style that made astrology more easily understood by the world at large.

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