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Astrology - Energy Fields and Sun Signs

Chat Transcript - May 24, 2002


Guest Speaker: Mike Welch
Moderator: Whitehorse Woman

WhorsewHOST: i would first like to take a minute to thank you michael for giving us this time to share your knowledge

Pooky: yes, thank you michael

WhorsewHOST: i for one know very little about astrology

Michael: how about everyone else...know something about it?

Sunny: Does anyone want to share age and location info

Pooky: very little

TaoHOST: a bit...not a great deal

WhorsewHOST: would you please do a brief intro of yourself michael so all can know your background before we start

Michael: would like to lean the discussion towards Energy Fields and Sun Signs

Michael: would be glad to whw

Michael: i'm a 51 year old male who has studied astrology for the past 22 years. before that, have spent most of my life seeking truth and community.i grew up in a contemporary family with standard values. always got into trouble by asking the question, why?...continue to ask...sometimes get answers...lol

WhorsewHOST: how long have you been a professional astrologer. is there any testing required to become an astrologer

Michael: i opened my professional practice in 1990...a consulting office in my home. before that, 1988, i tested in Princeton, with the Educational Brance of the National Council of Geocosmic Research, received their Level I proficiency in Astrology. American Federation of Astrologers also tests for proficiency

WhorsewHOST: what area of astrology would you like to address in discussion tonight

Michael: Sun Signs and Energy Fields

Michael: does everyone know their sun sign?

TaoHOST: yes

WhorsewHOST: not i

Pooky: nor I

GloryGirl: not I

Michael: it's where the sun was in the tropical zodiac at your birth

Michael: about.com has a marvelous Astrology site

Pooky: explain?

Michael: a belt of stars (constellations) surround our system

WhorsewHOST: what does astrology have to do with energy fields

Michael: well some of the esotericist and some of the scientists claim that everything is a combination of energy

Pooky: okay, so in the case of early July Cancer?

Michael: Cancer is a water sign and involves that type of energy, it fuels your selfhood. there are different schools of astrological thought on this...and i've looked into most. the western-based astrology system looks at four basic ""types"" of elements, fire, earth, air and water

WhorsewHOST: so each sign has its own sunsign which effects your energy field?

Michael: each sign has its own energy field, the day of your birth determines where the sun was

Pooky: how can you find that out?

Michael: there is a book listing all the positions--it's called an ephemeris

Michael: hi jean

JeanHOST: hi folks...glad I could get home in time to catch some of this

WhorsewHOST: so once we know our sun sign then ???

Michael: if you could think of the universe pouring forth different wavelengths of energy during the cycle of the earth's movement around the sun and the earth as a resonant ""tuning fork"" vibrating to those different forces you can get an idea of the many ways the earth absorbs and expresses those energies, the seasons of the year...it's cycles are the prime example.

Michael: once you know your sun sign...that tells you what ""fuel"" (energy) you use to propell and move you through experience, that would be your most optimum fuel source

WhorsewHOST: so once you know your sun sign you can determine they type of enegy field associated with it?

JeanHOST: how do you figure out your sun sign

Michael: it's what strengthens you and expands your sense of joy, energy, even status as a small personality with a great soul

Michael: yes...fire, earth, air, and water

Michael: aries, leo, saggitarius are fires signs

WhorsewHOST: well i am aquarius so does that mean right off water

Michael: taurus, virgo, capricorn are earth signs

JeanHOST: hey..me to whw

Michael: right off water? not exactly, but you're close

Michael: i'll continue...

WhorsewHOST: please do

Michael: gemini, libra, aquarius are air signs

Michael: cancer, scorpio, pisces are water signs

Michael: if you feel the need to re-fuel...go after those elements

Michael: they can be represented by fire--sunshine, gold, yellow, passionate and intuitive experiences

WhorsewHOST: what does air energy carry?

Michael: sharing...the air you breathe today will be shared in the breath of another on a different part of the globe tomorrow

Michael: thinking is the quality of air signs

Michael: thoughts, inventions, windy days (and nights), communication in all forms are experienced similarly by all air signs

Michael: seek out those things when you need uplifting
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