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A Dog's Separation Anxiety

Ask an Animal Communicator


Kim Meyer

Kim Meyer, Animal Communicator

Reader Question: Our dog, Toba, is experiencing increasingly severe separation anxiety. We leave him with toys, water, a pee pad, and a den, but he will spend his time alone crying, yelping, and trying to get out of his playpen. Recently, we came home to find that he'd licked his front paws so much they were sopping wet. Why is Toba so upset at being left alone for short (less than four hours) periods of time? ~Kristen

Kim's Response: Dear Kristen, He says that he is scared to be all alone. Does he have another animal friend? Do you leave the TV or the radio on when you go? Apparently he was left alone at some time and there was a loud noise that terrified him, and he’s never wanted to be alone since.


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Disclaimer: Kim Meyer shares insights derived from animal communication. Any advice she offers is not meant as a substitute for veterinary care or basic dog obedience training.
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