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Reader Question: Our family has been going through a hard time with my son and his troubles. I pray every day for all the archangels, especially Michael and Raphael, to help heal him from depression and anxiety, and to help guide my son on the correct path of life, to make the right and wise decisions in life, make wise and good choices in life all for the good of humanity daily. I pray for his safety and for evil and negative forces to deflect from him and have the holy spirit surround my son and fill him with an inner healing light to help him become a great humanitarian and to follow in Jesus' footsteps daily, Do the Angels hear me pray daily and do they have a message for my son?
~Thank you, Karen

Response from Eileen: Dear Karen, Thank you for asking your question for your son. I know as a mother you only want health and happiness for him. Today, March 1st, would have been my eldest brother Mark's 56th birthday. Mark was an amazingly talented and good soul. He had a profound influence on my life but at the same time he suffered from depression and had other battles in his life. I thought I'd allow Mark to choose the Q&A email this week. Before I saw your email I knew Mark wanted to bring up Jesus and I knew I'd find someone who had a son who struggled with issues similar to Mark. In this way, Mark can continue to touch lives the same way he did mine.

I have been writing a series of archangel Q&A's but Jesus, Jesus the Christ, Master Jesus, and the many other names he goes by seems to be the one coming through to answer your question this week. Still, I hesitated to write the column because he isn't quite "an archangel." In addition, many people, even those on a spiritual path, have yet to be reconciled with Jesus due to differences in religious theology, negative experiences with organized religion, and the many injustices carried out in his name.

In my connecting with Jesus, I know someone who has a wonderful sense of humor. He is warm, approachable and without judgment. He doesn't care what religion you are or whether you follow "rules" that have nothing to do with God's all Knowing and all encompassing Love and Creation. However, I do know he feels so many have needlessly suffered due to how his name and teachings have been used by humanity at times. Jesus is a very eloquent speaker. If you need help in any kind of conversation that is difficult just call on the Master of Speeches, Jesus the Christ. It can be anything from how to talk to your son, how to deliver bad news or even tackling everyone's favorite activity, public speaking.

Who Jesus really is goes beyond the scope of this Q&A. While Jesus is not an archangel, I hope the readers - regardless of faith - will put aside whatever associations may be blocking them from working with the ultimate master of healing and teaching.

Jesus can and does work miracles in people's lives. He is the Master of transformational healing - healing in which people just seem to change overnight or begin to make positive choices and transform their life. But we must be open to this healing and surrender our control of how we are healing to the Divine. "Surrendering to Divine Will" is the key here, Karen. When your son comes to a place where he realizes that life will be and is better lived with God as his partner in life, as the captain of his ship, it will all fall into place. We all have to come to that. It can be hard for people to give up the control, addictions or other destructive patterns we still want to engage in. Once we are on the other side of them though, living in the Light, we see how they pale in comparison to living a wholesome life with a strong connection to Divine Spirit and our higher selves (Christed Selves).

The angels can assist us in helping our egos fall away so we can come to that place of surrender and begin working with them and Jesus in earnest. Remember that Jesus knows what it was like to be human with all of our foibles, faults, and challenges. Know that he understands the struggles we go through while all we really want is love, compassion, forgiveness, truth, beauty, understanding and connection to something bigger than us. I call that Grace.

Your son and anyone who wants that can have it regardless of what we have done in our lives. The key is to surrender to the healing and then take active steps in making the right choices.

Karen, I know you would want to but you can't make that decision for your son. The angels do hear your prayers and the Master Jesus, along with Mother Mary, work in close association with them. But people have to want the healing. They have to really want to change their lives. Knowing what can help us is very different than surrendering and actually doing what will help us. Keep praying Karen. Be mindful of not trying to controlling the prayer or the outcome. I feel you may benefit from reading about a previous Q&A from my column about answering of prayers. Just surrender the prayer for your son's highest good, the "not my will but thine."

Thank you Jesus for helping me find the words and blessing on your birthday Mark Smith!

Walk in beauty and may Grace and fulfillment be on your paths,
Eileen Smith - Angel Intuitive
March 1, 2012

Disclaimer: The services and information provided above are for entertainment purposes only. Eileen Smith and this column, services and products are not meant to treat, diagnose, prescribe, or cure any physical, mental, or emotional disorder/disease, nor are they meant to replace the advice of a medical professional or doctor or financial adviser.

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