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How Can I Know for Sure I'm Channeling the Angels?

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Question: Dear Eileen, Am I on the right way to channeling with angels? In my meditation I see a lot of things and people, but everybody is silent. I don't know anybody's name. I don't remember specifics but know that I was talking with someone. Is that only my imagination? Sometimes I have strong feeling of vibration in my body and bad headache in the forehead area like something is pressing on it. ~Stela

Response from EileenDear Stela, My angel Alonya, whom I channel through, tells me you are on the path to channeling. She says you actually have been channeling and just need some assistance and fine tuning of it. Firstly, please see the archived questions of the past in my column. Previous answers to questions speak directly to how to strengthen the connection, how to find out how you are wired to receive messages and the getting of names.

One of the things to understand is that when you channel everything will seem like your imagination. This is the biggest reason people doubt what they are receiving. They think it's "just them." Alonya tells me the reason for this is because the area of the brain the Higher realms use to channel wisdom and healing through is in the same area of the brain that the imagination is located. But Alonya says as someone continues to strengthen the connection through practice new neuropathways are created in the brain. After a while it won't seem so much like your imagination.

Angels and Vibration of Light

She also is telling me the headache you are experiencing is your angels working on your third eye chakra, opening and clearing it, and raising the vibration of your physical body so they can have a better connection with you. You see, angels have a vibration of Light and vibrate at a very high level, so it is helpful if you begin to look for ways to raise your vibration on your own. It is important to raise your vibration when attempting to become a channel.

Check out my article How to Raise Your Vibrational Energy, where I give tips to get you started.

Relax, Don't Try So Hard

Alonya also says that for you, and many others, trying too hard can be counter productive. The forcing, pushing, straining energy of trying too hard does not allow the very passive, watery flow that channeling feels like. And like water, you will push it way from you if you are trying too hard to channel energies. Just relax into it, and most importantly, ask your angels to strengthen your pathways every time you go into meditation.

Eileen Smith - Angel Intuitive

Disclaimer: The services and information provided above are for entertainment purposes only. Eileen Smith and this column, services and products are not meant to treat, diagnose, prescribe, or cure any physical, mental, or emotional disorder/disease, nor are they meant to replace the advice of a medical professional or doctor or financial adviser.

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