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Finding Your Life Purpose

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Angels Can Help You Discover Your Life Purpose


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Reader Question: Dear Angels, Please, can you help me find my purpose in this lifetime? I need to know why I am here and what I am here to accomplish. Thank you. ~Catherine

Christopher's Response: Dear Catherine, Your Angels answer your question by directing you to return to your source of greatest joy. Your inner joy and your life purpose are one and the same.

You are here to share your soul's most precious gifts with those who will most appreciate them. This is your highest purpose and pursuing this purpose is the truest pursuit of happiness on earth.

Before you began this lifetime, when you were in your pure soul form, you selected some of the Gifts of Heaven to bring with you to earth. You so loved these gifts, and you were so motivated to create them and to share them, that you were willing to come to earth to share these gifts. Your angels understand the depth of your commitment and your angels are unconditionally committed to you to help you re-discover the joy that your gifts bring you and to help you share your gifts.

Your Angels remind you that true joy springs from within and is not dependant on any external circumstance, person or condition. They ask you reflect on the difference between joy and pleasure. Joy is ever-fresh, ever-new and overflowing without attachment to any outcome. It flows like sunshine without limit, without judgment and without condition. It is freely given to you to fill you to overflowing so that you can become a source of joy to the people in your life. Pleasure is dependent upon an external person, condition or event. Smelling a rose, stroking a kitten, eating your favorite food, are pleasures that require something outside of you. Joy requires nothing other than your willingness to be a vessel for it to flow through.

The Angel Ariel is the Angel of Joy. She embodies pure unconditional source joy and can help you enter into higher levels of joy and sustain that joy over longer periods of time. See 7 Steps to Help You Connect with Your Angels.

Your Angels remind you that you bring your purpose to what you do. It reversed logic to think that your purpose directs what you are meant to do and that you will find joy by choosing "the right" work or career. When the Angels are asked questions about purpose, such as, "Should I be a doctor or a writer?" they universally answer: "Be happy, be joyful, be your true Soul-Self as a being of unlimited Love and unconditional compassion. Let the light of your soul shine with it's pure radiant joy."

This guidance has very practical day-to-day life application. When you bring joy to what you are doing right now, you greatly magnify and expand your energy field. Your chakras expand, more love and joy radiate from your heart and from all of your chakras. Your Attractor Field (the field of attraction that you are constantly creating around you) rises, expands and attracts more and more of what resonates with your primary joy. The Universal Law of Correspondence states that "Like Attracts Like" and you will draw more people, opportunities synchronicities that will continue to increase your joy. You are more and more able to expand upon your gifts and you create a very strong positive feedback-loop that continues to increase.

When you feel that you have lost your true purpose in life, you have lost your clarity about your source of joy and temporarily lost your connection to source joy. You can call upon your Guardian Angels and the Angel Ariel to help you reconnect with joy.

Do a short daily meditation and ask your Angels to help you regain your connection with your Soul Gifts and to help you restore the pure joy that is your Soul's natural state of being. It is not far away and the inspirations and impressions your Angels bring you will guide you step by step back into a more joyful state of being.

Trust each impression and follow your guidance - small steps and small simple joys are very important to build positive momentum and will greatly improve the quality of each day. This will also improve all your relationships.

Your Angels are offering your daily guidance during your daily mediations as "stepping stones" that will lead you into a greater and greater experience of joy in your daily life. You will naturally evolve in your work and it will grow and expand in step with your growth of joy consciousness. Be willing to let your career evolve and advance by daily increasing your joy and making career moves when the stepping stones appear. The more joy you can bring to where you are right now, the faster the next stepping stone will appear!

Best Wishes and All Angel Blessings to You!
Christopher James Dilts, Angel Intuitive

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Disclaimer: Christopher Dilts shares insights derived from intuitive communications. Any advice he offers is not meant to override your personal health providers' recommendations or prescriptions, but is intended to offer a higher perspective on your question from the Angels.
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