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Are Feathers Signs from Doggie Heaven?

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Question: My beloved dog who I rescued from a drain pipe was put down this weekend after 20 years, she has helped me through my husbands terminal cancer, she really kept me going. Yesterday I found a perfect little white 'heart shaped' feather on the front of my mobile phone (I have a beautiful photo of her as a screen saver). I was so amazed by this. WAS THIS A SIGN? I would be so grateful if you could please help my grief and give me your opinion?

Response from Eileen - Dear Tess, I am so sorry for the loss of your animal companion. Yes, the little feather was a sign that your "little angel" (her words) was safe and doing just fine on the other side of the veil. My angel Alonya tells me animals often tend to use things in nature, such as feathers, to let us know they are still with us in spirit. They also like to come to us in dreams.

Your dog tells me that she was like a little angel for you and your family and that her work there was done and her body was tired. She wants you to know that animals have an easier time with passing on than humans do, and that it was okay that she went when she did. She said it was no accident you rescued her from that pipe. All is and was as it was meant to happen. You were being guided to that pipe, and because you listened to that guidance, many lives were changed for the better. So acknowledge yourself for that good work you did. I can see them applauding you as I write this.

She tells me she is feeling good on the other side, has others who play with her and keep her company until you join her again. She tells me she comes to see you from time to time to check on you because the connection and the love is never broken, never gone. She knows you are sad and that you miss her. She wants you to know she is still alive and to just think of her as just being in another room, and she is waiting for you with the rest of your family on the other side. Your angels promise you that the two of you will be together again.

Eileen Smith - Angel Intuitive

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