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Should I Move Back Home?

Ask an Intuitive


Reader Question: I really struggle with living in the area that I do because I just have not felt a sense of belonging. Should I move back home, closer to my family?

Jaelin's Response: Making connections with those around you is a vital part of our soul's journey. It involves reaching out to others and a willingness to open yourself to share. It is not always easy to be vulnerable with new people. Making an effort to meet people is important. Feeling safe in your family environment can be a comfortable feeling; it can also be an excuse to not go out of your comfort zone. Think deeply about your soul journey and realize that sometimes it is worth taking the risk to reach out and connect with new people. Think of sometime in your living area you did feel at home, however briefly. What quality is it? Warmth? Caring? Or, do your remember what activity were you doing? These actions will show you the areas that you do connect with, in your town.

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Disclaimer: Jaelin K. Reece often shares insights derived from intuitive communications. Any advice she offers is not meant to override your personal health providers' recommendations/prescriptions, but is intended to offer a higher perspective on your behalf based on the question you asked of her.


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