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Christian Struggles with Faith in God

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Reader Question:  I'm not a new Christian, but I've learned a lot about myself and about holding onto God and His word in the past 9 months. I worked at a job every hour literally that I could work, most of the time 7 days a week. I forgot that God was my source and that my job was just a resource. 

Anyway, I made a foolish mistake and I was fired. Everything changed in that moment. I knew that my only hope was God. I've cried out to him for help and forgiveness and guidance every waking minute for the past 9 months. I would never have hurt my family like this has hurt them. I have a wife, 2 teenagers and a granddaughter whom God has entrusted to my care. I've been able to bring in some income during this time and God has blessed me with a full time job with insurance, but the income doesn't come near to meeting our needs. So my search for another job continues.

I pray every day that God will lead me to gainful employment again, and that he will restore me. I've seen God work in our lives so many times. My testimony has always been "I've seen too much to doubt". During this trial, there have been some little miracles from God that have come my way to help. One big miracle is that we haven't lost our home yet. But that is my biggest fear, as you can imagine, I'm pretty much behind on everything.

Here is the thing - I was called to 2 companies for interviews in the past two months. I went into these interviews full of hop and thanks, professing God's word for favor and success in the interviews. I did my best and left both interviews thanking God for being with me through them. Unfortunately, neither one hired me. I've had to wrestle with thoughts like "If God is directing your steps, then why did he lead you to rejection?" Or "God said he'd never leave you or forsake you, looks like you've been left and forsaken." I have to throw these thoughts off and proclaim that "the enemy is a liar, that God's word is truth and power." This has taken so much out of me. It tries to shake my faith, but I'll not stop praying and hoping. I'm just so weary. This burden is so heavy. How can I find rest or peace?

I count my blessings every day, and I've got so much that I'm thankful for. Please pray for me, and I'd welcome your correspondence. ~Marc, age 49

Jaelin's Response: Dear Marc, It is said that God helps those who help themselves. In many ways you are taking the physical steps to help yourself, such as looking for a better job, and you are taking the spiritual steps by praying. However, are you taking the mental and emotional steps as well?

When you focus on the fear and the "what if's", then you draw that energy to you. Like attracts like. Sit with your fear. Acknowledge it. Then take away it's power by filling your heart with love and abundance.

Visualize your home being provided for and your family living there for a long time to come, happy and filled with much joy. Have your entire family share the new vision so that you give God a feeling of what it is you are willing to receive.

The power of prayer is amazing, but so is the power of your mind and the openness of your heart.

Many Blessings,

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