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Money Struggles

Ask An Intuitive Life Coach


Reader Question: Dear Anandra, Over the past 2 years all I seem to focus on is the fact that our money always runs out before I pay all the bills and sometimes before I have even bought food for my children. My husband and I are always at logger heads over this and I am hating it. I love him to bits but lately money always comes before a nice dinner for just the 2 of us. Is it my destiny to constantly struggle money wise for the rest of my life?

Response from Anandra: Dear Kylie,
It sounds like you would really enjoy a sense of stability, trust, and ease with your family's finances. I applaud your recognition of this cycle! Feeling uncomfortable is often the best motivator for change; discomfort is an invaluable pointer to what we're deeply yearning for. In this case, I'm guessing that's a sense of stability, trust, and ease. Focus on what you're really yearning for, let yourself "try on" how it feels to experience those feelings, and you'll be going a long way toward not just your material goal, but self-mastery.

The thing that strikes me most about your note is the sense of disempowerment, which I know is a common habit. Let's look - what IS within your power? Here's a list to start with. You have full choice about:

  1. How you think about money (Money is... hard to get/abundantly filling my material needs)
  2. How you feel about money (Money feels... sick, evil, wrong/expansive, freeing, fun)
  3. How you relate to money (Money is my... foe/friend)
  4. How you acquire money (Money comes... only through hard work doing something I hate/naturally when I do what I love)
  5. How you spend money (Money goes... unconsciously/to support my values)
  6. How you teach your children about money (Money should be... hard, mysterious, challenging/fun, empowering, natural)
  7. How you talk about money (I'll leave that up to you - you get the picture by now!)
Hmmmm... it sound like you actually have quite a bit of choice in your relationship with this idea of money. What a relief! (Smile. Deep breath. Aaaaahhhh....)

While it may be your destiny to learn about money and its energy, how you learn those lessons can be more graceful if you apply your keen intelligence to it. Hint: think "currency" and realize that it is energy just like everything else. It flows where attention goes. If all you're focusing on is "not enough," that's what you'll keep getting. If your mental mantra is strong enough, the Universe will oblige and continue to fulfill your request. Here's another hint for you: you might even think you're thinking positively about money, but if you had a magical recording device in your thoughts, and transcribed even one day's worth, how much would be "junk" you'd love to be able to edit out? When I ask this question in my mantra classes, people get this look of shock, disgust, and embarrassment (then we laugh about it).

What you think is up to you. I'll leave it at that!

Happy harnessing the horses of your mind... may they take you toward what you truly want.

Intuitive Life Coach

Disclaimer: Anandra's advice is not meant to override your personal health providers' recommendations/prescriptions, but is intended to offer a new perspective and encourage your inner wisdom to guide the best course of action.

Each week, we invite a different intuitive to answer a question from a reader. If you'd like to submit a question for Anandra please email her directly.

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