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Ask An Intuitive

Get free advice from our in house intuitives. These intuitive columnists are featured at About Holistic Healing.
  1. Ask A Life Coach
  2. Ask An Angel Intuitive
  3. Ask An Animal Reiki Shaman

Consumer Guide to Psychics and Oracles
Not all intuitives are "equal" so be sure to do your homework before you choose an appropriate personal adviser.

Intuitive Life Coach Offers Free Advice
Free advice! Intuitive life coach, Anandra George, calls her work “Life Coaching for Soul Evolution” because it emphasizes true freedom that comes from within; she delights in helping people reveal their inner teacher and create balanced, fulfilling lives.

Angel Intuitive Eileen Smith Answers Reader Questions
Eileen Smith, angel intuitive and energy medicine practitioners, responds to readers' questions on Angels, spirituality, relationships, and professional life from the Angelic perspective.

Get Free Advice from Animal Reiki Shaman
Animal Communicator and Reiki Shaman, Rose De Dan, offers her expertise and intuitive knowledge about communicating with your pets, connecting with wildlife, the animal spirit world, animal shamanism, energy healing, and more.

Are You Really Cursed?
What you should do when a psychic tell you that you are cursed.

Before You Hire an Astrologer or Psychic Reader
Molly Nagy, About Guide to Astrology says "...you've got to be careful about how to spend your hard-earned money." She outlines some of the clues that a someone might be more of a scam artist than a spiritual advisor.

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