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Kuan Yin

Motherly Love - The Most Powerful Love in the World


Kuan Yin

Kuan Yin, Goddess of Mercy and Compassion

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“Kuan Yin continues to sit tranquilly upon her throne. Meanwhile, the mothers beg her and tug passionately at her robe. Yet, she remains the most powerful mother of all.”

“So much anguish. Look at the power of love,” denotes Kuan Yin. “Suddenly I understand the power of the mothers' love,” whispers Lena. “I know that it is the most powerful love in the world.” The Living Word of Kuan Yin © 2006 Hope Bradford CHt and Lena Lees

Transcribing trance channel Lena Lee's psychic conversations with Asian deity, Kuan Yin, for the work, The Living Word of Kuan Yin, I recognized certain important Elder spiritual teachings. The first was Kuan Yin’s assertion of “the great mix of karma and free will.” This goddess's testament, however, was accompanied by an important caveat, that karma does not possess the iron grip on our lives many would suppose. According to this goddess, we are not meant to suffer, nor are we are destined to endure endless entrapping, "made-up” realities. Rather, resolving whatever limiting beliefs one might possess, one is to utilize one's greater free will to visualize the possibilities.

Crown of Creation

Showing us the Crown of Creation, Kuan Yin professes that we are here not only to experience the wonder and beauty of being alive but to also learn from her and from those spiritual speakers who preceded her. Desiring that we fully experience our humanity by marveling at and participating in all the sights, sounds and smells this earth has to offer, Kuan Yin stresses that one's earthly incarnation is an opportunity for the divine.

Draped in a cloak emblazoned with faces of the fallen soldiers, symbolizing the power of motherly love and compassion, Kuan Yin assures that motherly love is the most potent energy of all. It is this love, she prophesied; that will ultimately alter the course of the Iraq war.

A mother’s eyes see with her heart and her heart holds only unconditional love. A mother’s touch is infinitely gentle and patient. A mother’s lips speak only soothing and compassionate words. A mother’s ears hear the almost unperceivable sounds of her infant’s giggles during slumber, like tiny bells tinkling in some faraway universe. A mother’s soul perceives limitless potential for her child. We can’t force others to come to our way of believing. However, we can love them just as surely as we can love ourselves in an understanding and compassionate way. Only through incorporating this form of love, the unconditional love a mother has for her child, is one able to untangle the Gordian knot we’ve bound our souls in.

Eternity, Knowledge, and Bliss

An essential cornerstone of the deity’s canons is that a realistic life allows for the higher self to pluck divinity from one’s everyday life drama. Incorporating loving-kindness in one's daily interactions has the potential to dramatically alter an outcome, indeed "spiritualize matter". The embodiment of her universal principles, Kuan Yin declares there exists only eternity, knowledge, and bliss and that we, as humans, are constantly dealing with seen and unseen forces: "You are riding the karmic wave and the wind can shift. Everyone must take what they see and deal with that which is unseen."

Throughout the manuscript eternal goddess, Kuan Yin, also spoke of collective (soul) agreements, spiritual contracts comprised of specific mindsets, create personal as well as global realities. This goddess wants us to understand how limiting collective agreements are responsible for much of humanity’s despair. While we have greater control over our reality than we might believe, fear of death can greatly inhibit one's creativity and enjoyment of life.

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