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Inner Artist Art Gallery

Art Therapy Masterpieces


The Inner Artist Art Gallery is a showplace of reader submitted photographs of their healing art creations. Art therapy is an activity that heals the heart and soul. It creates an outlet to vent your fears or express your innermost emotions. Displayed here are the results of art therapy at its very best.

Share your art therapy creations
Read the healing stories behind the artwork.
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The SeerThe Little Child and The Red BalloonRed CrossIn My WombIn My Womb
Mythycal GardenMythycal GardenCrown ChakraCrown Chakraeagle painting on glassEagle Glass PaintingSleeping GoddessGlowing Energy Body
Inner Child TherapyInner Child TherapyGoddess BeadsGoddess BeadsAutumn PeaksAutumn PeaksSelf ReflectionsSelf Reflections
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