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Inhalation and application to the body of essential oils derived from herbal plants to induce the "smell" senses bring about balance and well being.
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Aromatherapy Roots
As it was in ancient times, so it is today: almost all medicinal plants are aromatic plants.

Aromatherapy Patch Test
It is always a good idea to do this simple patch test before using essential oils.

Aromatherapy and Essential Oils - Five Industry Challenges in Aromatherapy
Dr. Christoph Streicher writes about the industry challenges and establishing a code of ethics for aromatherapy and essential oils.

What are Hydrosols?
Article on hydrosols which Dr. Christoph Streicher at AMRITA Aromatherapy published in Scensitivity: Hydrosols

Essential Oil Extraction Chart
Essential Oil Extraction Chart

Aromatherapy Chat With Crystal
Chat transcript of Aromatherapy Chat held in our healing chatroom on Feb. 11, 2001.

Aida's Aromatherapy
This a resourceful and beautifully put together page on the topic of aromatherapy. Enjoy!

Doggie Aromatherapy
Article ontributed by Sevi Kay - Complementary Therapy for Dogs.... more holistic pet care resources

Essential Oils - What Are They?
An introduction to essential oils. They're the concentrated substances extracted from flowers, leaves, stems, roots, seeds, bark, resin or fruit rinds.

Botanical Nomenclature
It's not necessary to know the Botanical names of your essential oils, but serious students might find it helpful!

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