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Monkeys and Apes


Humans are also primates, but in this animal totem index only apes and monkeys are featured. Human nature is easily seen in the characteristics and habits of monkeys and apes. We love to watch their behaviors because they remind us so much of ourselves.

1. Gorillas


The bulging forehead of the gorilla signifies intellegence and learning capacity. They have the ability to perform complex tasks. Although they are giants among primates they generally are shy and quiet in nature. When a gorilla shows up as a totem in can indicate a higher education opportunity.

2. Orangutans


The orangutan spirit totem shares spiritual lessons associated with the sacral chakra which include creativity, manifestation. honoring relationships (especially mother-child), and learning to "let go." If an orangutan shows up as a totem for you it may be time to evaluate your relationship with your mother. Have you given her the credit she deserves for the care she gave you as a child? Or, is it time for you to cut the apron strings and branch out into a life of your own?

3. Monkeys


Some cultures consider monkeys to be devilish, whereas other cultures cherish monkeys for their playfulness and imagination. Everyone has heard See no evil, Hear no evil, Speak no evil that is associated with three monkeys covering the eyes, ears, and mouth. These proverbial monkeys remind us not to listen to or spread rumors, and also not to be so quick to judge the things we see, because things are not always how they seem on the surface. These are good lessons.

4. Chimpanzee


Chimpanzees are extremely adaptable, making and using tools to assist them in performing tasks. When chimpanzee totem appears it may be trying to show you an easier way to do something, or offering you a better tool to work with. Are you hyper-reactive to stimuli or actions of others? Chimpanzee demonstrates this type of behavior very well. A chimpanzee can switch from passive to aggressive in a matter of seconds when provoked, or even at times when it is not being obviously provoked. The behavior of a hostile chimpanzee totem is could be a reflections of our own actions. It serves as a mirror to teach you to calm your energies and learn not to jump into situations without first evaluating your emotions.

5. Baboons


Baboons are very social in nature, applying facial expressions, hand gestures, and a wide range of different vocal sounds from low-sounding grunts to high-pitched screeches when communicating. If the baboon is your totem it is likely that you have an animated personality who talks with his hands and demonstrates excellent communication skills. Baboon totem teaches us not to stuff our emotions.

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