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Forest Totems

Woodland Animals


Animals that live in the forest or woodland regions represent freedom and innocence. Woodland totems are strongly connected to the energies of green plants and trees.


Squirrels have an intense level of energy, playful and very adept at socializing. Squirrel people have sometimes affectionately been called "Squirrelly" or "Nutty" because of their eccentric and frantic behaviors. The squirrel is a forward looking spirit, foraging for nuts and hiding them away for later. For this reason, hoarding or fear of lack can result in a visit from squirrel totem.



Porcupine totem teaches you to face your vulnerabilities and to protect your inner self. The porcupine also has a curious nature, finding joy in small things life offers. The porcupine person is often a joyful person that is content to take life at a slower pace.



The deer as a totem serves as a bridge between the wild and the tame. This is because the deer will often be seen on the edges of the wilderness it calls home. Deer will also venture into our roadways and gardens. When deer appears you may want to ask yourself if there is a wild streak in you that desires taming. Or, have you been too cautious lately and desire to take a walk on the wild side?

Ground Hog


The groundhog is symbolically known as being a trance dreamer because of its deep slumber while hibernating underground. If the groundhog is your personal animal totem or makes its appearance in your life it may indicate that messages are being given to you through your dreams.


Forests and other wooded regions are the chipmunk's natural habitat. But, they also adapt well to residential environments that offer vegetation. The chipmunk is content to live under your porch or near stone foundations for warmth and protection from the elements. Chipmunks are nut gatherers, creating a stash for cold winter days. When the chipmunk visits this may indicate it is time to tighten your spending habits, allotting more funds into your savings account.


Fox is a keen observer, watchful of humans and other animals nearby, while at the same time keeping hidden or camouflaged from view. Fox is very nurturing and protective of its family. A basic lesson fox offers is to stay clear of complications, rather than getting involved in controversies, step back and observe differences from a distance. It is likely you do not need to take sides. The fox takes a neutral stand when he is not being threatened. The fox runs from trouble, preferring not to get in the mix of conflicts.


Mice are content to make their homes just about anywhere there warmth and food is readily available. They will inhabit abandoned bird nests, or crawl into fallen logs. Mice also are commonly found in the barn, where stocks of corn and hay are stored. Every child has been read the story of the country mouse visiting the city mouse. Remember? As a totem the mouse teaches the importance of keeping order. If a mouse is living in your home, ask yourself if you have lost focus or are in a state of confusion.


Skunk teaches that you do not need to be strong to be powerful. Skunks are confident about their place in the world and do not shy away from anyone. Anyone with skunk as a totem will also have a self protective demeanor. Skunks are not combative, it gives warning before it turns its tail on you. A skunk person wants to be valued for its merits, his scent assures that he will not go unnoticed.
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