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Bird Totems

Understanding Bird Medicine


21. Pheasant

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The pheasant feeds on grains and grasses. Anyone with pheasant as a totem benefits by incorporating more grains into their diet (oats, wheat, corn, etc.) The tail plumes of the pheasant are associated with sexuality. For this reason the pheasant totem represents fertility and sexuality.

22. Vulture

The vulture as a totem teaches the importance of all roles played in society. If the vulture appears it could be a reminder to honor service, no matter how big or small, that you offer humanity. Vultures depend on others to supply their nourishment, surviving by being scavengers, eating the remains left behind by more apt hunters. As a totem vulture teaches "waste-not, want not" a perspective, and the ability to accept help from others graciously.

23. Mourning Dove

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Mourning Dove, a member of the pigeon family, feeds on seeds, nuts and grains. The song of the Mourning Dove which gives it its name is a "mournful coo" that invokes emotional stirrings. When the mourning dove visits ask yourself if you need an emotional release of some kind. Pent-up emotions can cause health problems and psychological issues. You may be needing a good cry.

24. Goose

Common saying is "What's good for the goose, is good for the gander." This indicates that male and female geese share duties in the family unit caring for their young goslings. Geese, like swans, mate for life, teaching the importance of honoring your life partner. What child didn't have Mother Goose fairy tales read to them? Mother goose is representative of the nurturing grandmother type. A person with goose totem carries nurturing energies.

25. Osprey

Osprey, aka "fish hawk" live primarily on a diet of fish. If the osprey totem appears it could indicate that you need to add fish or fish oil to your diet. Anyone with osprey as a totem should also study the traits of hawks in general.

26. Kingfisher

It is important for the kingfisher to make its home near the water because fish is its primary diet. For anyone with the kingfisher as its totem draws energy from being near a water source. Kingfisher is a messenger that brings abundance and prosperity.
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