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Keeper of Rituals


Meanings and Messages: guardian, call of the wild (howl), loyalty, night walker


Wolves live in packs and have a strong sense of community. They depend on one another for protection, food, and raising their young. As a totem, wolf can indicate a need or desire for family or tribe connections. Wolves have heightened sense of both smell and hearing, helpful tools that help with fine-tuning intuitions. Anyone with wolf medicine is aware of their keen intuitive abilities, or will soon be at a stage of realizing it.

The wolf howls for many reasons, but primarily he howls because he loves the sound. When wolf totem appears ask yourself when you were last able to "let loose" and call out into the wild just for the joy of the sound. Are you feeling uptight about something? Let it go. The wolf also teaches confidence and pride. Be proud of your accomplishments and get ready to share what you have learned with others.

People with wolf medicine are often lovers of the night and will burn the midnight hours. Wolves have a wild streak in them which allows them to live on the fringes. Yet, family connections keep them grounded. A lone wolf is a rarity.

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