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Stork Totem



Meanings and Messages: birth, new beginnings, home and family, fertility
Stork Totem


The stork carries feminine or mothering energies. The stork is very attentive to its young. Everyone knows the fairytale about where babies come from. In the story we are told that the stork delivers the newborn to the front door. Babies are often born with red markings on the backs of their necks that are affectionately called "stork bites." When the stork appears a birth or rebirth will soon happen. The stork is typically a bringer of new energies. Its appearance often precedes a change in the family dynamic, which may or may not be a new baby born to the family. The stork teaches the value of family and the need to protect the family unit as a whole. When the stork appears you may need to reconnect with your roots.

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