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Stingray Totem

Sensory Awareness


Messages and Meanings: ready to protect, sensory talents, propelled maneuvers, awareness
Stingray Totem


The stingray often shows itself as a totem to anyone who has enhanced "feeling" senses. It is the stingray's natural electrical sensors that alerts it to potential dangers. When the stingray appears it could be a sign that you need to become more aware of your surroundings. Look around and see if you're missing something obvious.

The stingray's coloring allows it to safely camouflage itself in the sand on the ocean floor. Are you keeping yourself low and out of sight? When stingray shows up it could indicate a time to keep to yourself and stay out of the lime light.

Although not usually an aggressive animal, the stingray's barb is poisonous and can cause harm. Do you have the habit of using combative language when you are felling threatened? As a totem stingray teaches us to be careful with our words (barbs) and to refrain from using razor-tongue remarks.

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