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Squirrel Totem



Meanings and Messages: playful, active, communicator, body language, exhaustion, fear of not enough
Squirrel Totem

Squirrel Totem


Squirrel teaches balance, there is a time for play and interaction with community but there is also a time for preparedness, and future planning.

Squirrels have an intense level of energy, playful and very adept at socializing. Squirrel people have sometimes affectionately been called "Squirrelly" or "Nutty" because of their eccentric and frantic behaviors. They may have a tendency to store pent up energies and will begin feeling a bit "nuts" if they don't allow themselves a healthy outlet for discharging excess energy. Squirrels are noisily communicative and will also use their bushy tails to express themselves with. People who attract squirrel are often animated social beings who thrive on interaction with others.

The squirrel in general is a forward looking spirit, foraging for nuts and hiding reserves away for later. Obsessive hoarding or fear of lack can result in a visit from squirrel totem. When a squirrel shows up ask yourself what area of your life might be out of balance. Are you allowing time for family connections? Are you constantly focused on worry or being fearful? Are you feeling mentally exhausted due to a lack of physical exercise?

The squirrel understands the need for preparation and storage of foods during the summer and fall for the winter months ahead, but it still takes time to frolic with other squirrels. Watching squirrels chase one another up and down trees and across telephone wires is a good example of how squirrels release excess energies. When is the last time you played with others? Tag, your it! I dare you to catch me if you can.

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