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Skunk Totem

Keeper of Life Fragrance


Meanings and Messages: self-assuredness, amplified sense of smell, intensity, sexual attraction
Skunk Totem


Skunk teaches that you do not need to be strong to be powerful. Skunks are confident about their place in the world and do not shy away from anyone. Anyone with skunk as a totem will also have a self protective demeanor. Skunks are not combative, it gives warning before it turns its tail on you.

Skunk has a charismatic or lustful appeal due to its unmistakable scent, skunk totem can show up when sexuality is at a peak in your life, helping you to attract a compatible mate or dating opportunities.

A skunk person wants to be valued for its merits, his scent assures that he will not go unnoticed. However, the skunk person may need to learn how to attract people in positive ways rather than to repel them with "stinky" characteristics. The ability to be sociable does not come naturally for the skunk, sociability needs to be acquired. When skunk appears you may need to polish your social graces.

Some people who are attracted to the skunk as a totem are also attracted to the study or use of aromatherapy.

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