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Sheep Totem



Messages and Meanings: lost your way, meek, timid, warmth, renewal, teachers
Sheep Totem

Sheep Totem

People with sheep totem are naturally wanderers. Unfortunately they can lose their way easily. They tend not to pay attention to the natural flow. It is important for them to look for leadership to stay with the herd. Did Little Bo Beep lose her sheep? Or did the sheep wander off on own? Who is the more responsible party after all? Ask yourself if you have lost your way? When sheep totem appears it may be time for you to stop wandering and to seek a mentor to help you find your way. After you have found your way, in time, it will be your turn to help others who have lost their way.

A slang term associated with sheep is "sheepish" meaning embarrassment or shame. When a sheep totem appears you may have recently been involved in a situation that sparked actions that you are now not proud of. One lesson sheep offers is that you if you are wishing to move past your poorly choose actions, well, YES you can. A sheep's coat is sheared away and it is later cleaned and spun into clothing which offers warmth to others. You too can shed away any dirtiness you are feeling and begin anew with a scrubbed clean slate. You are not worthless just because you made some mistakes. Sheep medicine teaches that all experiences have value. You can use your mistakes as teaching tools to assist others not to fall into the same muck you did, or to offer a helping hand to pull them up out of their personal muck.

A common phrase "quiet as a lamb" is often used in association with a sleeping baby. Lamb totem is more innocent that a grown sheep. Whereas sheep medicine grooms a teacher, lamb medicine teaches us to be quiet, listen, and reserve our energies.

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