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Panda Bear Totem



Messages and Meanings: solitude, fertility issues, adaptability
Panda Bear Totem

Panda Bear

Pandas are cute and cuddling in appearance yet they are very strong. Keep this in mind when making judgments based on first appearances. The contrasting coloring of black and white of a Panda's fur is representative differences in cultures. Black and white also are depicted in yin yang symbols indicating the importance of balance between masculine and feminine energies. When Panda surfaces it is good to work on balancing anything that is off skelter in your life.

The Panda as a totem also represents diplomacy because of the history of China gifting Giant Pandas as diplomatic gifts to other countries. The Panda's appearance is quite exotic, anyone with Panda as as your animal totem is likely interested in the exploration of exotic lands and cultures different from their own.

Agile tree climber, the Panda as a totem has a unique ability to tap into higher knowledge. Panda medicine is a wonderful teacher for soul development.

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