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Grizzly Bear

Keeper of Unconscious Knowledge


Meanings and Messages: heightened awareness, sweetness of life, reclusive nature
grizzly bear

Grizzly Bear

Relatives: Panda Bear, Black Bear, Polar Bear

The grizzly is possibly the bear best know for its fierceness. When it stands on its back haunches its sheer presence and the shadow it casts can be quite alarming. Grizzly teaches the importance of taking a stand and commanding power. Bears in general have a heightened sense of awareness, because its large size the Grizzly as a totem represents an especially keen sense of knowing. Grizzly has a reclusive nature, pulling back from activities that drain its energy. Grizzly gives himself a season to recoup. When Grizzly appear you may need to ask yourself if you are involved in activities that are draining your life force. It may be time to pull back and slow down for a few months. The Grizzly Bear is the spirit keeper of the western direction or water quadrant of the Native American medicine wheel.

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