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Goose Totem



Messages and Meanings: nurturing, family, childhood memories, soul mates, collective purpose
Goose Totem


Common saying is "What's good for the goose, is good for the gander." This indicates that male and female geese share duties in the family unit caring for their young goslings. Geese, like swans, mate for life, teaching the importance of honoring your life partner. What child didn't have Mother Goose fairy tales read to them? Mother Goose is representative of the nurturing grandmother archetype. A person with goose totem carries nurturing energies and recognizes the importance of family and sharing work loads. Geese are migratory birds that fly in a v-formation, jetting through the skies noisily honking as they travel overhead. They have a good sense of direction and know where they are headed. When goose totem appears you may be embarking soon on a journey (physical or symbolic) with others for a collective purpose. The snow goose represents the winter solstice totem for the medicine wheel in some Native American traditions.

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