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Fox Totem



Meanings and Messages: cunning, supernatural powers, lives on the fringes
Fox Totem

Fox Totem

Getting a glimpse of a fox in the wild is a rare treat. It has the ability to blend into the scenery. You have to be quick to see the fox, and even when you do it will disappear so quickly that you'll wonder if your eyes were being tricked. Fox is a keen observer, watchful of humans and other animals nearby, while at the same time keeping hidden or camouflaged from view. Fox is very nurturing and protective of its family.

A basic lesson fox offers is to stay clear of complications, rather than getting involved in controversies, step back and observe differences from a distance. It is likely you do not need to take sides. The fox takes a neutral stand when he is not being threatened. The fox runs from trouble, preferring not to get in the mix of conflicts.

Ted Andrews speaks about the fox totem serving as a guide to the faerie realms. This makes perfect sense because of the trickiness of a fox's appearances and disappearances. If you see a fox it may very well be an invitation to communicate with the faeries. How cool is that?

The sighting of a fox may mean that you need to step out of the lime light for awhile. You don't need to be the life of the party or always ready to volunteer to serve as a committee leader. Take your cue from fox and fade into the background for awhile. Don't worry that taking a back seat for awhile will make your social contacts forget you. The fox has a charming personality that is not easily forgotten.

Foxes stay close to their dens, so your intention may need to turn to the home fires. Ask yourself if you have been neglecting your home or family.

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