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Messages and Meanings: strength, endurance, cooperation, protective
Elk Totem

Elk Totem

The elk resides in mountainous regions. They live together in gender-based herds. Males and females come together only during the rutting (mating) season. The male makes his mating bugle call to attract females. As a totem the elk represents strength and community. If you hear the elk bugle ask yourself if you are ready to recognize a mate. The sound can also indicate it is time to consider having children or adding another member to your family. Females in the herd will share the duties of mother. When one goes foraging for food away from the herd, the other elk will watch her young ones. As a totem elk teaches the importance of community and caring for others. Elk in general represents endurance. Elk totem will show up when you are feeling tired or weak and could use an energetic boost.

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