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Eagle Totem

Earth and Sky


Messages and Meanings: spirituality, balance, new heights, inner strength, visionary, power and control
Eagle Totem

Eagle Totem

Amazing and majestic bird of prey, the eagle is often desired as a totem. It holds strong medicine. The eagle soars high in the sky, yet will swoop down to the ground in a swift motion to capture a mouse from the forest or fish from the water. Because of this the eagle is considered a strong connection between earth and sky energies. The eagle has keen sight (bird's heightened view) to be able to see his prey on the ground from the air. As a totem the eagle also represents keen insight. As a messenger the eagle offers visionary talents. If the eagle visits you likely have clairvoyant abilities that could be tapped. The eagle also represents spiritual growth. When you see an eagle soaring overhead it is likely that you are ready to progress to the next level spiritually. The eagle is also the spirit keeper of the eastern direction or air quadrant of the Native American medicine wheel.
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