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Duck Totem

Grace and Comfort


Messages and Meanings: family connections, emotional healing, calming influences
Duck Totem

Duck Totem

Ducks are associated with the element of water. They are good deep water swimmers and also are content to glide on top of a body of water. As a totem the duck teaches getting in touch with your deepest emotions in order to get to a calmer state. Ducks are family oriented and enjoy companionship. If a duck visits it could mean it is time to return to your roots and spend some time with your clan. Eckhart Tolle, best selling author of A New Earth often tells a story about how ducks do not hold grudges. They will ruffle their feathers and get in a snit with another duck over differences but within minutes later the argument is forgotten and the duck is calm and serene on the lake. Duck medicine teaches us not to hold on to our past troubles and to live in the moment.

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