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Deer Totem



Messages and Meanings: family oriented, introspection, acute senses, caregiver
Deer Totem

Deer Totem

The deer as a totem serves as a bridge between the wild and the tame. This is because the deer will often be seen on the edges of the wilderness it calls home. Deer will also venture into our roadways and gardens. When deer appears you may want to ask yourself if there is a wild streak in you that desires taming. Or, have you been too cautious lately and desire to take a walk on the wild side? Deers have acute senses, they are always on alert to keep themselves from harms way. Deer totem may appear when danger is lurking, it also serves as a reminder to be watchful and alert to potential harm.

Deers are family oriented. When deer totem shows up as a buck it could be indicator that you may have strayed from your family's teachings. It may be time to re-evaluate important family values of your youth. The fawn is representative of innocence. This totem also teaches the importance of mother and child bonding. The doe's nature is to give love and protection to her young. The fawn is a cherished member of the family. As a totem deer reminds us the responsibility of parenting. Deer totem may appear when a woman is pregnant or when a new baby arrives to help you begin establishing family traditions. The energy of deer totem is gentle and loving.

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