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Crocodile Totem

Ancient Keeper of Knowlege


Meanings and Messages: fertility, hidden wisdom, clairvoyance, emotional displays, opportunity
Crocodile Totem


The crocodile is a sand dweller, its habitat, a hole in the sand, serves as a bridge between earth and water elements. You could say that anyone meeting up with crocodile is straddling two worlds. The earth represents a firm ground, whereas water is more fluid. A person with crocodile medicine will not be swept away by emotional waves, nor is he rooted too deeply into rock where one could become stuck or rigid in his views. Crocodile totem is also representative of new growth because seedlings emerge from earth and water. When crocodile appears ask yourself what needs nurturing, or what new idea needs planted into the earth. Use your crocodile tears to water the seedling to bring forth new growth from energies within the depths of your being.

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