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Cow Totem



Messages and Meanings: nurturer, fertility, goddess energy
Cow Totem

Cow Totem

The cow represents mothering and nurturing aspects. Together, bull and cow totems, they represent symbolize fertility. Bull and cow together are a blending of masculine and feminine energies. When either cow or bull totem appears ask yourself if your personal masculine and feminine energies are in balance. Bull energies are bold and rigid, whereas cow energies are more gentle. Are your edges sharp and need softening? Or, are you feeling too soft or weak? Bull totem offers strength and stamina. Cow totem offers love and nurturing.

Cow can also signify the importance of calcium in your dietary intake. Lessons of gratitude and sacrifice often surface when cow totem comes around. Are you grateful and able to show appreciation for the sacrifice of others? The cow gives its milk freely, but the red meat at our table comes at a sacrifice.

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