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Cockroach Totem



Messages and Meanings: change, resurrection, hidden aspect, aloofness
Cockroach Totem


Cockroaches are from the beetle family within the insect kingdom. All beetles carry metamorphosis energy and for this reason the cockroach showing up in your life can indicate a change will soon occur. Cockroaches prefer to keep to the dark and will scurry from the light. For this reason, cockroaches surfacing can be indicators of the desire to pull back from society and keep under the radar of others. If you spend a lot of time socializing the cockroach could be telling you to spend more alone time. On the flip side, it could also signify that you are isolating yourself too much. Don't be afraid of the light, put on a pair of dark glasses and get outdoors into the bright sunlight for a new perspective. Anyone with a cockroach as a totem will adapt easily to any environment.

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