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Bee Totem

Honey of Life


Messages and Meanings: sweetness, accomplishment, levity, community, sun energy, sacrifice
Bee Totem

Bee Totem

Don Farrall / Getty Images
The saying "busy bee" is important when considering the bee as a totem. When a bee totem appears it is helpful to evaluate your activities. How much work are you getting done? Don't ask yourself how busy you are. We can be very busy and yet accomplish little. The bee is very productive and doesn't mess around. Bee teaches us to stay on task until the work gets done. Bees, like ants, live in a caste system. Ask yourself what role your are playing, queen bee, drone, or worker bee. Sweetness is also associated with the bee. Bees pollinate flowers, burrowing their mouths into fragrant blooms. Honeybees collect nectar to make their honeycombs. The stinger is also significant, a bee's stinger represents sacrifice. The stinger is used as a defensive weapon, yet can result in death. When a bee totem appears you may need to ask yourself what needs to be sacrificed or let go of. If you allow yourself to let go of things that no longer serve you, the sweetness that may be in short supply will flow toward you more freely.

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