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Angel Gifts


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Holistic Shopping: Angels are full of love and heart-filled energies. Offer a gift of love and healing to someone you cherish by giving them an angel. The angel gifts I have suggested on this page come in a wide range of prices.

A Christmas Angel Collection

Christmas Coloring Book of Angels
images courtesy of Isbella
Back in print due to popularity! Christmas coloring/craft book featuring cut out angels that can be used as ornaments. Based on artwork around the globe. Art therapy with the angels!

Prayer Angel

image courtesy of Isabella
Angel is kneeling in prayer holds a photo, greeting card, or other piece of paper in her hands. I like the idea of the angel holding a hand written affirmation.

Angel Velvet Bag

image courtesy of Google Adsense Affiliates
Let this cherub look after your deck of Tarot cards inside this soft blue drawstring bag. Or use it as a pouch to keep your healing gemstones or lucky amulets in.

Teen Angels - Deck of 52 Inspirational Cards

angel cards (c) Findhorn Press

These angel cards were created with teens and preteens in mind. Each card depicts a colorful cartoon image of a unique
teen angel alond with an inspirational message. Part of charm of these cards is that the inspirational messages are coming from teen-aged angels, not from adults or lofty "all-knowing" entities who can seem out of touch with kids growing up. Perfect gift for tweens, teens, and young-hearted adults as well. See sample photos of cards from this special deck

Angels of Atlantis

Beautiful angel oracle deck artistically portrays the archangels as light orbs. This is one of the favorite divination that I've had the opportunity to handle and review for readers.

Angel Tarot

The Angel Tarot combines features of several popular tarot decks, including the Tarot of Marseilles, Tarot Classic, and Starter Tarot. Traditional suit signs of spades, heards, diamonds, and clubs in stylized shapes are woven into the geometric designs of the Minor Arcana.

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Angel Dolls

image courtesy of Pricegrabber

I never owned an angel doll, but I wish I had. I loved all my dolls as a child, not that I had that many. But I played with them almost up until the time I became a real mother. The mothering instinct in me must run very deep, so does my spiritual nature. Having an angel doll hugged tightly inside your child's arms as they dream in their beds would be really special.

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Pugster Angel Charms

(c) Pugster

Choose from a variety of angel-themed Italian charms. Some are inspirational, others are folk artsy, cathedral stainglass, etc. I'm sure you'll have fun choosing an angel that is special to you. More Italian Charms

Angel Jigsaw Puzzles

Traditionally, my parents have always had a jigsaw puzzle in the works at our family holiday gatherings. All ages can gather around the table and visit while puzzling. Puzzles are also a fun way to while the hours away when you are alone. Of course, we are never alone with our angels near us.

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Angel Ornaments

My favorite ornaments for the Christmas tree are angels. My Christmas tree is adorned with a variety of special ornaments, but my favorite angel is a beautiful stained glass angel tree topper


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