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Angels of Atlantis Oracle Cards


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Consecrating Your Angel Oracle Cards

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Placement of Cards on Altar
Prior to using your Angel Cards you will want to first consecrate (dedicate or align them with the purpose of spiritual guidance) the deck. For the purpose of consecrating the cards it is suggested to place cards onto your altar. If you do not have a spiritual altar in your home already, now is the perfect time to consider creating a sacred altar for this purpose. Otherwise, create a temporary sacred space for the purposed of purifying your new cards. Below are the steps suggested in the companion booklet that comes with your deck for consecrating your angel cards.
  1. Remove the cards from the box.
  2. Place the cards on your altar.
  3. Burn incense and light a candle.
  4. Say a prayer of thanks to the angels.
  5. Inhale, take a deep breath.
  6. Imagine a golden laser light in your spine.
  7. Take the deck and hold them in your hands.
  8. Place the intention of love in your heart.
  9. Allow your loving intention to flow downwards from your heart through your left arm to the held cards.
  10. Exhale, breathe love into the cards.
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