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Angel Intuitive


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Maura Cunningham
Angel Intuitive

Maura Cunningham

Note from your Guide: Maura has made in among the top five Angel Intuitives in the Readers' Choice Awards for two years in a row (2012 & 2013). Go here to cast your vote for Maura in the 2013 contest

About.com Readers Say:
~Maura is the real thing. She walks the walk and genuinely does her work from a heart-centered, non-ego based place. I wholeheartedly vote for her.
~She gives you such great insight about yourself from your spirit guides and also does the most profound healing!
~Maura is the real deal. She provides a unique combination of healing and inituitive reading. Her insights are spot on and incredibly helpful. I would recommend her to anyone.

Angel Intuitive Finalist: Maura Cunningham

Personal Message from Maura

I am deeply honored to be nominated for this award. It is a blessing to do this work and to serve in this capacity. I am the owner of Pravaha Energy Healing & Insight, and am an intuitive energy healer, certified Reiki practitioner, psychic medium, and teacher. I offer a unique blend of Energy Healing and Intuitive reading in addition to Reiki sessions and classes.  

I have studied and incorporate a variety of healing modalities from crystal therapy to shamanic practices. Each of these modalities has led me to discover that all healing comes from within.  

When we release blocks in our energetic being, we are free, empowered and joyful. Intuitive reading compliments the energetic aspect of the healing by enabling clients to become more aware of unconscious or unacknowledged energetic themes and can support the process of growth and healing on a more conscious level.  

Receiving this nomination for Favorite Angel Intuitive is a wonderful gift. I want to express my heartfelt gratitude to you all.  

Thank you and many blessings,  

  Maura Cunningham   

Pravaha Energy Healing & Insight 
heal from within ~ live in the flow

Web Site: www.pravahahealing.com

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